Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A little forest walk on a cloudy day

                 I watched the movie and I loved it, now it's time for the book.



                           Adorable pinecones


               I brought my tiny kånken backpack that only got space for           
               tiny nature books,some blueberries and camera.

            I saw this sweet creature when I got home from my walk



                          What a great day

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


                   Coat from tasteandtouch




I love simplicity in clothing,but also beautiful and elegant.
I care a lot about comfortable clothing, before in my teens I cared more about fashion,trends and high heels. 
That was probably a time about finding myself.  I still like high heels, just more for an special occasion.
Now I care for quality and soft fabric.  simple details,handmade,beautiful colors and all natural with non toxic.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Art from Etsy

                                                                                        Light Shift           

                                                                     Little Tree necklace



                                                                 Lady Beekeeper        

I love looking at Etsy, there is so many beautiful handmade crafts and artwork. As I been surfing around Etsy for hours and have found many beautiful things I wish I could have in my home, I have also been inspired to do handmade crafts on my own too. Lately I started knitting a pillow, I'm almost finished and I found out that knitting is actually very relaxing and a calm way for me to do something creative. First day I started knitting the pillow was in my grandparents home where my grandmother taught me, and I was sitting there knitting for a whole day. My hands felt so warm cause of the thick wool. So that is something I will continue doing. As it's getting colder outside and the leaves are falling peacefully down, then you know it's time for a cup of Chai tea latte and your knitting skills. I found many hand embroidered artworks on Etsy,These above are the ones I like most especially the first one.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A bit about me


                                                              Hello there

  My name is Ingeborg i'm from Norway where there is  mountains,fjords and beautiful nature.
  I'm 19 year old,next summer I become 20, kinda nervous since i'm getting older and older. I made this blog cause I 
  been inspired by other bloggers and I like taking photograph,
  drawing and many other things. So why not share it with you ^^

  I'm not a good writer,but that is something I wanna improve myself in.

  I spent 3 months in Japan with my Japanese boyfriend and I had
  a beautiful journey around the island. Now i'm home and full of
  inspiration from my travel. I will tell you more about myself 
  as I start blogging more.


                            enjoy! ^^