Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Embroidery Hoop Art from Etsy

                                                                                        Light Shift           

                                                                     Little Tree necklace



                                                                 Lady Beekeeper        

I love looking at Etsy, there is so many beautiful handmade crafts and artwork. As I been surfing around Etsy for hours and have found many beautiful things I wish I could have in my home, I have also been inspired to do handmade crafts on my own too. Lately I started knitting a pillow, I'm almost finished and I found out that knitting is actually very relaxing and a calm way for me to do something creative. First day I started knitting the pillow was in my grandparents home where my grandmother taught me, and I was sitting there knitting for a whole day. My hands felt so warm cause of the thick wool. So that is something I will continue doing. As it's getting colder outside and the leaves are falling peacefully down, then you know it's time for a cup of Chai tea latte and your knitting skills. I found many hand embroidered artworks on Etsy,These above are the ones I like most especially the first one.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A bit about me


                                                              Hello there

  My name is Ingeborg i'm from Norway where there is  mountains,fjords and beautiful nature.
  I'm 19 year old,next summer I become 20, kinda nervous since i'm getting older and older. I made this blog cause I 
  been inspired by other bloggers and I like taking photograph,
  drawing and many other things. So why not share it with you ^^

  I'm not a good writer,but that is something I wanna improve myself in.

  I spent 3 months in Japan with my Japanese boyfriend and I had
  a beautiful journey around the island. Now i'm home and full of
  inspiration from my travel. I will tell you more about myself 
  as I start blogging more.


                            enjoy! ^^